We are delighted to preview the 2017 floats.

Please note this listing does not mean order of appearance into the arena

Rapscallion (The Adventures of Captain Steampunk)
Parish of Grouville
Theme: The forgotten inventions from a time nothing was written about. Join us on a journey back in that great time of invention, that wonderful world of Steampunk, showing just what is possible with a little imagination
Designer: Nick Partlett


Wizard and I
Exhibitor: Parish of Grouville Juniors
Theme: Based on the musical ‘Wicked’. We see the Land of Oz in all its glory. The Emerald City, the Wizard, Glinda and, of course Elphaba are among some of the characters from the show
Designer: Bethany Mildren


The Octopus’s Garden
Exhibitor: Adrian & Friends
Theme: A curious rock provides the backdrop for the float with the jolly octopus perched on top looking over his sea creature friends in their sea garden, led by Ralph the swimming turtle. Miss St John, Alice Mitchel takes pride of place on the float
Designer: Richard Henwood & Group Design


Whale Wash
Exhibitor: Adrian & Friends Juniors
Theme: The float is based on the well-known whale was scene from the movie ‘Shark Tale’. Oscar the wrasse and Angie the angel fish sit proudly at the front while Bernie & Ernie the jellyfish DJ at the side
Designer: Charlotte Bainbridge & Team


Jungle VIP
Exhibitor: St Helier Battle of Flowers Association
Theme: An ensemble of St Helier’s Battle favourite VIPs. A scene from the ‘Jungle Book’ King Louis guarding his temple which is overrun with monkeys. Madness from King Julien and the lemurs of ‘Madagascar’, not forgetting Tarzan and Jane swinging though the trees
Designer: Angela Crowcroft & Zach Marett


Dia de Los Muertos
Exhibitor: Parish of St Saviour’s Seniors
Theme: A scene depicting the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration
Designer: Anne Le Brun


Exhibitor: Parish of St Saviour’s Juniors
Theme: A very colourful float with a detailed compass spinning in the wind, a camp fire with Indian braves sitting outside and a traditional American teepee. Pride of place by the detailed carvings on the totem pole and paddling the river is Pocahontas and Captain John Smith
Designer: Thea Greber


St Peter’s Drive Thru Diner
Exhibitor: Parish of St Peter
Theme: 1950s American Drive Thru diner featuring dancers and musicians
Designer: Kate Williams


Exhibitor: Bidan Family & Friends
Theme: Our float this year is based on all things DISCO from the music to the outfits and of course the bar!
Designer: Group Design


Birds of Paradise
Exhibitor: Bidan Family & Friends Juniors
Theme: Based on tropical birds and a paradise island
Designer: Murray Le Masurier


Nuns Behaving Badly
Exhibitor: Parish of St Lawrence
Theme: Fun family float with nuns having fun and behaving out of character
Designer: Beth Lusby


Get Me to the Church On Time
Exhibitor: Parish of St Lawrence Juniors
Theme: An old Cadillac car filled with guests heading to the wedding. The Cadillac is driven by the vicar and the dancing girls are bridesmaids
Designer: The Committee


Exhibitor: Parish of St Peter Juniors
Theme: Set in the tree tops of Brazil with the beautiful blue birds and famous statue that towers over the country
Designer: Yasmin Bates


Step in Time
Exhibitor: St Brelade’s Battle of Flowers
Theme: The story of Mary Poppins. Featuring the carousel horses, fox hunt, the house of Mr & Mrs Banks at 17 Cherry Tree Lane as well as Chez Mary restaurant attended by the happy penguin waiters. At the rear of the float we see the old lady feeding the birds on the steps of the bank while above her, the Pearly Kings and Queens, along with the chimney sweeps are dancing on the roof tops – and of course, the colourful kites flying high
Designer: Simon Thomas & Nigel Gates


Winter is Coming
Exhibitor: Parish of St Martin
Theme: Based on the Games of Thrones series with the phrase ‘Winter is coming’. A powerful, aggressive and emotional entry, depicting the brutal and beautiful nature of this mythical land
Designer: Ian Barette


Exhibitor: Parish of St Clement
Theme: An army of mystical sea creatures herald ‘Aquaria’, an underwater paradise. Unusual tropical fish swim in the colourful reef with the giant octopus, sea turtle and a sea dragon sharing Poseidon’s playground with a host of live sirens and sea urchins
Designer: Marcus Davies


Citta del Amore
Exhibitor: Friends of Galaad
Theme: Venetian gondola and harlequin masked ball figure – canal scene
Designer: Angela Bisson


Exhibitor: Whiteside Family & Friends Juniors
Theme: The design is based on a raised staircase and large star backdrop. The red carpet down the stairs is in keeping with the Hollywood red carpet. Our juniors will be dressed as their favourite film stars
Designer: Paul Whiteside & Junior Team


Intergalactic Circus
Exhibitor: Whiteside Family & Friends
Theme: Featuring a circular train coming out of the circus tent is the main exhibit. There are also seals with balls on their noses at the front standing on shooting stars together with podiums and dancing clowns make this a lively exhibit
Designer: Paul Whiteside


Exhibitor: Volunteer.je & Les Ormes
Theme: A paper flowered float made with the help of children and community groups from across the Island
Designer: Group effort


Charlie’s Candy Land
Exhibitor: Trinity Battle of Flowers
Theme: Willy Wonka’s factory and Charlie’s candy land merged into one. The float shows an insight into Charlie’s mind and how he perceived his time with Mr Wonka
Designer: Nicolle Maltwood
Down the Chocolate River
Exhibitor: Trinity Battle of Flowers Juniors
Theme: A seahorse boat takes Oompa Loompas down the chocolate river in Tim Burton’s ‘Charlie & the Chocolate Factory’
Designer: Nicolle Maltwood


Once Upon a Time
Exhibitor: Ollivro Family & Friends Seniors
Theme: A mix of characters from Disney’s Once Upon a Time storybook, including Sleeping Beauty, the Magic Mirror from Snow White as well as Hansel & Gretel’s Candy House
Designer: Claudine Ollivro, Zoe Carey, Josie Carey & artwork from Rose Amy


Just Karting Around
Exhibitor: Ollivro Family & Friends Juniors
Theme: Based on Mario Kart with lots of Mario games. The juniors have spent time getting their bananas skins, shells and Mario stars ready for an epic race along the parade. Will Mario defeat Bowser and rescue Princess Peach? Will Yoshi win the race?
Designer: A Team effort


Under the Rainbow*
Exhibitor: Les Amis
Theme: The float is a white house with a rainbow over it, depicting Les Amis logo
Designer: Zach Marrett


Bossa Nova
Exhibitor: The Optimists Club
Theme: A Mexican theme depicting everything associated with Mexican carnivals, including musical instruments, flowers and the renowned skull for The Day of the Dead festival. Revolving sombreros, maracas and guitars trumpet to the music of Bossa Nova
Designer: Steve Bouchard


Exhibitor: The Optimists Club Juniors
Theme: Featuring all the characters from Alice in Wonderland
Designer: Holly-Hope Perrier


Miss Jersey Battle of Flowers*
Exhibitor: Battle of Flowers Association
Theme: Carrying Miss Battle 2017, Evie Bertram, Mr Battle, Jonny Labey, her Consort and Miss Junior
Designer: Jean Roche & Team


* – Denotes that this float is in a non -competitive category and will not be scored by the judging panel