The Floats

Title : Save the Bees

Exhibitor : Parish of St Helier

Designer:  Angela Crowcroft & Jefferson Randles

Sponsors:  Parish of St Helier


Title : Te Fiti

Exhibitor : Bidan Family and Friends

Designer:  Group Design

Sponsors:  Bidan Family


Title: The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe  

Exhibitor: Ollivro Family and Friends Juniors

Designer:  Ollivro Juniors

Sponsors: GA & R Electronics, Omega Finance, Bounce around Jersey and Pizza Hut Jersey


Title: Apollo 

Exhibitor: Ollivro Family and Friends

Designer: Rachel Ollivro

Sponsors: GA & R Electronics, Bounce around Jersey and Pizza Hut Jersey


Title: Circus of Life 

Exhibitor: Les Amis

Designer: Lauren Richards, Claire Martin Murray, Jason Loveless, Shaun Findlay, Les Birch and Keith Deakin

Sponsors: ATF Fuels


Title: This Ol’House 

Exhibitor: Friends of Galaad

Designer: Angie Bisson

Sponsors: KPMG


Title: Dino Rock 

Exhibitor: Parish of St Lawrence

Designer: St Lawrence Committee

Sponsors: Islands Insurance Company


Title: Jungle Parade

Exhibitor: Parish of St Lawrence Juniors – Bas

Designer: Miss Annabel Woolley

Sponsors: Islands Insurance Company


Title: Oliver

Exhibitor:   The Optimists Club

Designer:  Steve Bouchard

Sponsors:  Insurance Corporation of the Channel Islands


Title:  Toy Story 

Exhibitor: The Optimist Club Juniors

Designer: The Optimist Club Juniors

Sponsors: Optimus Flowers UK


Title:  The Greatest Showboat 

Exhibitor:  Parish of Grouville

Designer: Nick Parlett

Sponsors: Grouville Tenants, The Seymour Pub and Quantum Builders.


Title: Eddie the Eagle 

Exhibitor: Grouville Juniors

Designer: Tom Maryon and Jess Greenwood


Title: Music Evolution 

Exhibitor: Parish of St Peter

Designer: Kevin Pallot

Sponsors: Parish of St Peter


Title:  It’s A Hard Knock Life 

Exhibitor: Parish of St Peter Juniors

Designer: The St Peter Juniors

Sponsors:  Parish of St Peter


Title: The Spirit of America 

Exhibitor: Whiteside Family and Friends

Designer: Paul Whiteside

Sponsors:   Romerils and JP Mauger


Title:  Intergalactic Circus 

Exhibitor: Whiteside Family and Friends Juniors

Designer: Whiteside Family Children

Sponsors: Romerils and JP Mauger


Title: The Wizard of Aus 

Exhibitor: Adrian and Friends

Designer: Sharon Pinel


Title: Croc Rock 

Exhibitor: Adrian and Friends Juniors

Designer: Sharon Pinel


Title: 100 Years of Fun

Exhibitor: Girlguiding Jersey

Designer: Rainbows, Brownies, Guiders and Leaders

Sponsors: St Martins Battle of Flowers, JADC and Animal Kindgom


Title: Egypt 

Exhibitor: Parish of St Saviour

Designer: St Saviours Primary School and Year 4 (ages 8/9)

Sponsors: VG and the Parish of St Saviour


Title: The Corpse Bride 

Exhibitor: Parish of Trinity

Designer: Trinity Battle of Flowers Committee

Sponsors: Parish of Trinity


Title: 60 Years of Durrell 

Exhibitor: Trinity Juniors

Designers: Trinity Juniors

Sponsors: Parish of Trinity


Title:  Winter Wonderland: a polar paradise 

Exhibitor: Parish of St Clement

Designer: Marcus Davies

Sponsors: Parish of St Clement


Title: Land of the NA’VI 

Exhibitor: Parish of St Brelade

Designer:  The late Eddie Le Gros and Daniel Avrill

Sponsors:  Parish of St Brelade


Title: Building a Better Community 


Designer: The Bosdet Foundation & Les Ormes with help from PBS.


Title: On Your Bike 

Exhibitor:  Community Police Float

Designer: The Community Police Team


Title: Carnival Time 

Exhibitor: Ambassador Float

Designer: Jackie Le Cornu and the Ambassadors

Sponsors: Jersey Battle of Flowers, Genesis


Title:  Jersey Way 

Exhibitor: Battle of Flower Juniors

Designer: Jersey Battle of Flowers Office

Sponsors:  Becky Houze, and Jersey Battle of Flowers


The Floats are based in the following places:

Parish of St Helier – Parks and Gardens

Bidan Family and Friends – Meadowbank,  St Lawrence

Friends of Galaad – Meadowbank, St Lawrence