Are you planning to make a last-minute visit to Battle Sheds on Wednesday? With hundreds of volunteers across the Island working tirelessly to complete their exhibits before the BIG DAY itself on Thursday there’s a great atmosphere to be had and your support and encouragement is always welcome by the teams.

As follows is a list of locations around the Island:

Battle HQ, Meadowbank, Rue des Prés Sorsoleil, St Lawrence:
The Optimists Club (and juniors); Whiteside Family and Friends (and juniors); Bidan Family and Friends (and juniors); Friends of Galaad; Miss Battle’s float.

St Brelade’s Battle shed, Rue Carrée, Mont à la Brune, St Brelade:
Parish of St Brelade.

Grouville Parish Shed (at the bottom of Grouville Hill, turn down Rue du Grouville, opposite the parish hall. The shed is on the right):
Parish of Grouville (and juniors).

Marquee at the RJAHS in Trinity:
Parish of St Clement.

St Lawrence Community Centre (next to parish football pitch):
Parish of St Lawrence (and juniors).

St Peter’s Battle shed, Rue de l’Eglise (at the back of St Peter’s Youth and Community Centre):
Parish of St Peter (and juniors).

St Saviour’s Parish Depot, Rue des Prés Trading Estate:
Parish of St Saviour (and juniors).

Peacock Farm Trinity, Le Maistre Brothers (Growers) Ltd, La Rue de la Piece Mauger, Trinity: Parish of St Martin.

Shed in quarry on Bouley Bay Hill, Trinity:
Parish of Trinity (and juniors)

St Helier Parks and Gardens, Mont à l’Abbé, St Helier:
Parish of St Helier

Unit 2, Peacock Farm, St Martin:
Parish of St Clement Juniors; Ollivro Family and Friends.

Five Roads Farm, Route de Trodez, St Ouen:
Adrian and Friends (and juniors)

Shed Tours