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Battle's Alive... With innovation!


In the build up to Battle 2023, for the first time in our 121 year history, we’re publishing the Battle of Flowers Magazine, packed with everything you need to know and some of the fascinating facts we bet you didn’t know - and that goes for Islanders and visitors alike. 

Since its inception on the 9th August 1902, as a celebration of the Coronation of Edward VII, the Battle of Flowers has flourished, become famous, and found its way into the hearts of both our local communities and millions of spectators from all over the world. 

It’s a coronation year again this year, something to celebrate, something to commemorate by doing what we do best, bringing together communities of all ages and backgrounds in a creative endeavour - a Battle of Flowers parade to astound, delight and inspire. It’s part of our tradition, our Island identity, which we love to share with everyone. 

In an effort to enhance this year's experience, the complimentary Battle of Flowers magazine serves as both an introduction and a keepsake, replacing the traditional 'paid-for' souvenir programme, ensuring that everyone fully immerses themselves in the magic of Jersey's biggest event.

Chairman of the Battle of Flowers, Russell Labey, comments, “Every year the Battle of Flowers tells a whole new set of stories; I knew that Charlie Chaplin came to Jersey to see it in 1912 but just tonight, we were watching "Diamonds Are Forever" on the television, and my Mum looked up at the screen and said, 'Sean Connery came to the Battle Ball once, at the West Park Pavilion.. caused quite a stir.' You live and learn. And that’s what we want the Battle of Flowers magazine to do, provide readers with a peek into the Battle experience.

Launching in the run-up to the festival, Battle magazine will be available in all parishes, including hospitality venues, supermarkets, the airport, harbour, high street, hotels, and of course the Battle arena. With a print run of 20,000 copies and an estimated readership of 50,000, the magazine is poised to reach a wide audience, ensuring the charisma of the festival permeates the entire island.

So, as the countdown to Battle begins, look out for the magazine at a venue near you, and get ready to immerse yourself in creativity, performance and something we need more than ever…community spirit.


If you have a Battle story for our editorial team, or you'd like to advertise your organisation, please contact us by Friday 14th July by emailing

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